Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

Lighting is as important for plants as it is for humans. When you can’t provide real sunlight, our LED grow lights provide an excellent alternative, but the wrong LEDs can do more harm than good. Just think of the effect long dark winter days have on you and how much better it is in summer. It’s the same for plants and the right quality and intensity of light does make all the difference.
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About Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

Spectrum King LED, the pioneer of Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights (patent pending), specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling professional-grade LED grow lights for indoor grows and greenhouse applications, with focus on the Cannabis industry.
Spectrum King was founded by growers looking for solutions to grow rooms' high electricity bills while getting high quality yields. Spectrum King LED remains passionately engaged with the growing community. And as always, we’re the company with dirty fingernails... yes, we still grow.

As the leading innovator for LED grow lights, Spectrum King invests in all the latest technological developments along with actual live plant studies. Based in California, Spectrum King’s manufacturing facility and warehouse has automated robotic machinery, injection molding and assembly benches. R&D grow rooms are maintained for continuous scientific development and product innovation.

Because of Spectrum King LED’s great success and quick brand recognition, CREE, Inc. (NASDAQ:CREE, www.cree.com), the leader and creator of the white LED, has engaged with Spectrum King LED on further brand expansion and research and development into the future of LED grow lights, further solidifying Spectrum King's dominant position in the industry. Driven by this public engagement and the success of the Spectrum King LED product line, other agriculture related companies have approached Spectrum King LED for licensing and manufacturing of their products that require LED lighting. By licensing its proprietary LED light spectrum and co-branding with other companies, Spectrum King LED will benefit from expanded brand recognition, becoming the “Intel” inside these specialized products. Spectrum King LED has the potential to earn significant licensing and manufacturing revenue from these relationships.

Spectrum King LED holds powerful advantages over its competition and has an overall superior product in terms of design, performance and price. This places Spectrum King LED in a strong position to gain market share in a rapidly growing industry.


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