Southern CT Wellness & Healing

Southern CT Wellness & Healing

Southern CT Wellness & Healing is a Milford Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

About Southern CT Wellness & Healing

Southern CT Wellness & Healing is a state of the art medical marijuana dispensary serving Milford and its adjoining cities. Southern CT Wellness & Healing is committed to providing its Milford patients, physicians, and caregivers with the most attentive service and the highest quality medical marijuana treatments.

SCWH approaches standard palliative care management from an alternative angle. Their approach  drills down and focuses on individual patients’ wellness as well zooms out to view and understand the bigger picture. With their strong patient-first mentality, the folks at Southern CT Wellness & Healing designed their Milford dispensary to instill a sense of harmony and tranquility within its patients. They also offer their Milford patients information about various kinds of mind/body wellness techniques including meditation, massage therapy, and herbal therapies to improve their quality of life.

Southern CT Wellness & Healing strives to provide professional and personable one-on-one interactions with each of their patients. They ardently believe that taking the time to work with each patient individually, to understand each person’s unique needs, is of the utmost importance. Southern CT Wellness & Healing’s patients and curious passersby are encouraged to reach out to the SCWH staff via phone, email, or through their online portal to learn more.

Southern CT Wellness & Healing’s four owners are Connecticut-licensed pharmacists with upwards of 20 years of pharmaceutical experience each, nearly a century’s worth in total. Their diverse backgrounds,in-depth knowledge, and specialty expertise are unique to palliative care and medical marijuana. Just a handful of these specialties and subspecialties include psychiatry, oncology, and pain management. The steadfastly dedicated team at Southern CT Wellness & Healing also stays up to date with the latest developments in the medical marijuana and palliative care fields so that they may provide their patients and caregivers with the best that science and medicine have to offer.   They aim to remove all fear and trepidation about the benefits and possibilities that medical marijuana holds for their patients. Too, the caring team at SCWH will take the time to assist their caregivers and physicians in the proper and safe use of their medical marijuana products so that every employee may then, in turn, provide each patient with the very knowledge and know-how to most safely consume or administer their high quality medical marijuana products.

Southern CT Wellness & Healing offers a diverse menu of high quality cannabis products from leading East Coast marijuana industry professionals. SCWH populates its shelves with Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids of all sorts alongside a wide selection of popular vape oils, concentrates, and edibles, or “medibles.” Their offerings don’t stop there. They’ve got topicals, capsules, oral syringes, sprays, slips, and tinctures to boot. Southern CT Wellness & Healing is Milford’s one-stop-shop for medical marijuana and palliative care needs.

Southern CT Wellness & Healing sits at the southern edge of Milford, just shy of the Block Island Sound, and it serves patients from Stamford, Norwalk, and Bridgeport to the west as well as those driving in for their medical marijuana needs from Danbury, Waterbury, and New Haven up north. Patients even as far as Guilford and Madison to the east and beyond are more than welcome to stop by Southern CT Wellness & Healing medical marijuana dispensary for their cannabis treatments and alternative palliative care.

Milford, Connecticut, the southwestern end of New Haven County, is a coastal city that feels much like a beach resort. Milford’s beautifully green harbor is lined with delicious eateries like Pop’s Family Restaurant and The Corner Restaurant, and public parks including the Silver Sands State Park and Wilcox Park. If you happen to stop by in August, be sure to check out the famed Milford Oyster Festival; enjoy the festival’s carnival rides, crafts, food stands and try your hand at opening oysters for pearls. Spend any calm Sunday afternoon during the summer under the pavilion at Walnut Beach as live bands play on for the Walnut Beach Concert Series.  


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24 Feb 2019


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