Smart Cannabis

Smart Cannabis

SMART Cannabis is a holding company based in Northern California. Our Mission is to delivery SMART, NEXT GENERATION agriculture technologies and services to the transitional farming market to do our part to help feed the world.
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This same technology that can produce food organically increasing yields while decreasing the amount of water consumption by up to 70% is also being agressively applied by our company to capitalize on the explosive CANNABIS market, estimated by various authorities at over 300 Billion.

The mission of SAP Investments Inc. is to fulfill the market's needs to facilitate the process, from ideation to fruition, in business development for clients committed to success in the cannabis industry.

Time after time, we have seen cultivation projects fail at the drawing board, or, have seen millions of dollars spent pursuing a business plan that too often breaks down. Failure primarily occurs because no single source company with experience with the end-to-end project development process was involved.

Our main subsidiary, Next Generation Farming, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary has become the fastest growing smart greenhouse company in the United States in less than 6 months. Unlike traditional greenhouse manufacturers, we utilize Just in Time "JIT" manufacturing. This process, used by some of the world's most efficient manufacturers, gives us the ability to engineer our products and utilize state of the art computer systems that consistently produce materials to our exact performance specifications - right down to screw hole alignment.

We can manufacture a greenhouse in one day when our competitors quote 2-10 week delivery. Our world class installation crews utilizing the latest heavy equipment and installation tools have successully erected and closed in the superstructure of our 30' x 96' greenhouse model in 3 days. We challenge any other company do have a 3 man crew perform at this efficiency level.


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