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Shi Farms (EWSD I, LLC) is a licensed Hemp Cultivation Operation by CODOA, proudly located in Pueblo, Colorado. Creating sustainable hemp products!
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About Shi Farms

Shi Farms is a licensed Hemp Cultivation Operation under the Colorado Department of Agriculture, proudly located in Pueblo, Colorado. Our dedicated team operates our flagship 300-acre farm and 40,000 square feet of research greenhouses.  Scaling quickly from our pilot harvest in 2017, we planted and harvest 100 acres in 2018. With cooperative land farmed in excess of 200 acres, Shi Farms continues to scale to meet the needs of skyrocketing manufacturing and retail demand.

At the management level, our CBD pedigree runs deep, we have been around since the very beginning, assisting with one of the first companies to pioneer the CBD space. Since we’ve helped build national cannabis brands, we understand the needs of our clients and the challenges that come with operating a cannabis business on all fronts.

At the operations level, Shi is attempting to find the sweet spot between the craft cultivation needs of High-CBD Hemp and commercial agriculture type scale necessary to produce large quantities of CBD ingredients. We lean on our agricultural operations team who brings decades of farming expertise in traditional crops to try and grow cannabis like corn!

In our ever changing and exploding industry, the nature of our business can be non-stop, stressful and challenging. Our goal is to always facilitate a steady and reliable source of high-quality, professionally extracted, pesticide-free hemp-derived Cannabidiol. The supply side of the CBD Industry has been a nightmare to navigate for most companies as supplier quickly scale to keep up with growing retail demand. When partnering with Shi Farms on your CBD Ingredient supply, you can rest assured that you will never buy brokered product. Direct from our farm and extraction ecosystem, each batch of your ingredients is GMP Certified and held to a level of quality and traceability unrivaled in our industry.

Going further into our mission, we felt something was missing in the cannabis space. Shi Farms wants to be different. Shi Stands for Sustainable Hemp Initiative. Our plan is to grow our operations in a sustainable and green manner. Cutting our water use in half, utilizing green energy like solar and windmills and pushing towards zero waste. We’ve already started this mission by mixing all our hemp stalks, stems and leaves with probiotics to make Bokashi, a fertilizer that grows our next generation of plants.

Being Sustainable is not just about green initiatives, it's also about sustainable businesses practices. In addition to providing needed agricultural jobs in the Pueblo region, Shi has launched its Shi Cooperative program to help farmers around the country cultivate hemp. We want to be a stewards of the Hemp Industry for a long time and educating and assisting farmers is a good first step.

In 2018, we launched our first out-of-state Co-Op in New York. With a successful pilot under our belt, we plan to continue scaling acreage on the east coast.


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