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Seven Leaf

Seven Leaf Med is a new and exciting business venture who is working with Health Canada to obtain a license to produce and distribute medical marihuana
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Seven Leaf of Akwesasne Mohawk Nation is weeks away from becoming Canada’s first Health Canada approved, Indigenous owned and operated producer of medical cannabis. Located on the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation near Cornwall, Ontario, Seven Leaf has passed all but the final stage of approval by Health Canada to become a Licensed Producer of cannabis.

Seven Leaf applied to become a Licenced Producer of medical cannabis four years ago. Since then, it has passed the tough security screening of its key executives and received approval for its business plans which includes re-purposing a former water bottling plant in Akwesasne. While thousands of companies and individuals have applied for a licence to produce and grow cannabis, just a small percentage have been successful in meeting the strict requirements for safety and security following thorough inspections of each step of planning and development. Final approval to grow and distribute cannabis is expected this Spring once construction of the indoor growing facility is complete. Growing will begin immediately.


Lewis Mitchell
Lorraine M. White
Chief Compliance Officer

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