KannaMill Schutte-Buffalo

KannaMill Schutte-Buffalo

KannaMill™ by Schutte-Buffalo is a grinder designed to meet the challenges of processing cannabis to a uniform size for downstream extraction, pre-rolls, or edibles. Completely portable, KannaMill™ plugs into a standard outlet. The fixed hammer/blade assembly is designed to pulverize without over-fiberization, eliminating the need to manually de-stem. KannaMill comes with Air-Assist and Anti-Resin system for improved size reduction, product flow, and throughput. KannaMill comes in different trims, and is scalable to meet processing needs.
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About KannaMill Schutte-Buffalo

KannaMill is a product group of the Schutte-Buffalo Company. In operation since 1928, Schutte-Buffalo has established itself as a leader in the design and manufacturing of highest quality size reduction equipment.

Schutte-Buffalo products are known worldwide for their rugged construction, economical price, day-in-day-out dependability and a line of the highest quality, on-demand replacement wear parts. Our products are made in the USA, and proudly manufactured in our facility in Buffalo, New York.

KannaMill is separate product group dedicated to taking our expertise in size reduction to develop and build application specific products for the unique requirements of the cannabis industry. These products were developed in partnership with growers, producers and extractors to meet their requirements for high production, consistent high quality performance, high reliability and long life

We ship worldwide, and are available to design and build full custom equipment to meet customer specifications.


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