Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Security firm working with business owners on State applications, physical build outs and day to day security programs.
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About Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Sapphire Risk Advisory Group specializes in loss prevention for the high-risk business owner. We specialize in loss prevention programs for the high-risk retail business owner.

What is a high-risk retail business?

Any business that keeps a high amount of cash at it's business and a very desirable piece of merchandise such as gold, diamonds, jewelry, firearms, liquor or cannabis.

What sets us apart from other companies?

It is that we are a "loss prevention"​ consultant company and not a “security” company.

We help business owners develop programs and procedures that will reduce losses either by theft or injuries.  

Features Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Professional Consulting Services in the following areas: Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Risk / Emergency Management, Auditing & Crisis Management


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