Santa Cruz Farms LLC

Santa Cruz Farms LLC

Santa Cruz Canna Farms stands for a new class of cannabis cultivation. Combining proven, state-of-the-art natural growing techniques with producing strains for our most discerning customers. We are genuinely artisan farmers that ensure you enjoy only the freshest, highest-grade cannabis. Please ask for Santa Cruz Canna Farms by name at your local retailer.

About Santa Cruz Farms LLC

Santa Cruz, California is renown around the state as a producer of excellence in cannabis. Our flower is sought-after by the most discerning customers.

Our cannabis is loved for its superior quality, terpenes, and potency. We produce the most consistent and naturally grown product in Northern California.

 So what makes Santa Cruz Canna Farms product so superior? Is it nature or nurture? It’s both. We take pride in nurturing nature and being Premium and Natural.