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Salt & Roe

We are a hospitality consulting firm partnering with businesses across all industries to create cultures of hospitality and elevate new and existing restaurant, winery, and experiential retail concepts.

About Salt & Roe

Salt & Roe is a hospitality consulting firm that partners with business leaders across the country to build long term success by elevating the guest experience and implementing hospitality-first core values at the heart of every venture we’re a part of. 

We specialize in helping restaurateurs, wineries and experiential retailers create ground-up hospitality brands or take their current concepts from good to great. From ideation to execution, we work with your team to help envision your dream, establish a conscious company culture, build cohesive brand identity, recruit and train talent, optimize internal operating systems and create unforgettable guest experiences.

We believe that every business is a hospitality business, and at Salt & Roe we also partner with corporate and nonprofit clients to train business leaders outside the hospitality industry to use service-centric principles to uplift team performance and guest experience. Focusing on actionable tools that build cultures of hospitality inside any organization, our work drives results that boost the bottom line alongside brand appeal.


Salt & Roe provides a variety of services to help grow your business across all stages of development. Custom proposals and pricing structures are tailored for each project based on a mutually agreed upon plan that meets your quantitative and qualitative goals. Our areas of expertise include the following:


  • Develop vision, mission and hospitality-first core values that build a foundation for your company’s long term success and growth
  • Create leadership strategies that transform organizations using service-centric principles and actionable tools to develop best practices for hiring talent, training teams, communicating effectively, and providing incredible guest service
  • Present hospitality-first leadership training seminars and workshops customized to your business needs


  • Write effective, on-brand business plans that convey your company's intended guest experience, sample menus and unique selling points through written communication and engaging design
  • Develop realistic revenue forecasts
  • Create visually impressive pitch decks to accompany business plans
  • Pitch preparation for raising capital and selecting investment partners


  • Write branded web and print content or revise existing copy to increase impact and create a cohesive brand identity
  • Generate topics and write content for blogs and branded websites to increase consistency and frequency of posts


  • Recruit talent to fill leadership and service roles inside your organization
  • Create and execute staff training programs across all stages of development, from pre-opening to operational
  • Develop integrated and customizable programs that reinforce company culture and increase your team’s confidence through education and inspiration


  • Build and manage a pre-opening calendar for critical milestones like staff onboarding, purchasing, promotional events, friends & family dinners, and where necessary, retail integration
  • Develop and execute opening staff training schedules
  • Operations management
  • Create standard operating procedures
  • Write service manuals that increase consistency and accountability and reinforce brand values


  • Raise the quality and consistency of your guests’ experience by identifying areas of opportunity and delivering a focused strategy for improvement
  • Perform service audits based on guidelines and goals that we work together to create


  • Perform business audits that provide actionable critical feedback about all elements of the guest experience, brand cohesion, and product quality
  • Work in conjunction with business leaders to create action plans focused on addressing the most impactful pain points revealed by the audit


Alison Arth
Founder & Principal

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