Sage Analytics

Sage Analytics

Sage Analytics designs and builds next generation, portable potency profiling devices that employ optical spectroscopy providing instantaneous, accurate and cost-effective measurements across the entire cannabis eco-system. The device measures key cannabinoids that influence the potency of harvested flowers, trimmings, oils and extracts. Offering groundbreaking technology at affordable prices, Sage Analytics sets a new gold standard for the cannabis industry.
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About Sage Analytics

Sage Analytics, founded in 2014, was born out of the belief that everyone should have access to affordable, accurate, real-time potency measurement.

Our scientists work with 20 of the top 25 global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, providing real-time solutions to solve a myriad of analytical challenges. We’ve taken this technology and created devices specifically for the cannabis industry, providing the same value and quality that we have been supplying to other industries for over 17 years, via our sister company Prozess Technologie.

The mission at Sage Analytics is to bring a higher level of testing accuracy and affordability to the cannabis industry, increase public awareness about the availability of instant marijuana testing, and improve consumer confidence in the potency measurements of the products they purchase.