S.O.S. Alarm

S.O.S. Alarm

Established in 1968, SOS Alarm has been helping to bring safety, security and piece of mind to Oregon residence for nearly half a century. SOS Alarm is a family owned and operated company dedicated to bringing exceptional service to our customers.
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About S.O.S. Alarm

We are grateful to be a part of the effort to stand against crime here in southern Oregon. Since 1968 SOS Alarm has been providing our community with custom designed security systems to protect families and their property. SOS Alarm does not outsource monitoring of customer’s security systems, we are 100% locally owned and operated, and our monitoring facility is the only Local UL Certified Central Station in southern Oregon.

SOS Alarm has grown to be the largest security products provider in Southern Oregon. SOS Alarm is the only alarm company in Southern Oregon that is a full service alarm company. This means that our UL Certified Monitoring Station, Accounting, Service, Sales, and Installation Departments are here in our community. We believe it is important to keep jobs and income here in Southern Oregon.

Now that Ray is closer to retirement, his sons, Aaron and Kevin, have become an integral part of the management team. Aaron and Kevin started working for the company when they were thirteen years old crawling in attics and under homes helping pull wire for the technicians. As a parent, Ray is blessed that his sons are not only brothers, but also best friends. This brotherly bond has remained strong, as they have worked closely together in the business.

It is important to recognize that the success of SOS Alarm will be ongoing. Ray’s staff and previous partners have been the foundation that has contributed to the success of the past, as well as in moving forward into the future