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About Root Engineers

Root Engineers, a division of established firm ColeBreit Engineering, is a team of licensed professional engineers who began building cannabis related partnerships with growers, architects, contractors, and investors in its home state of Oregon beginning in 2014. Now, with more than 100 years of combined engineering experience and more than 80 cannabis engineering projects under their belt, Root Engineers is a market leader in engineering, design, and consulting services for cannabis cultivation across the country.

A sustainable and effective facility, designed specifically to meet your process requirements, is essential for the success of your cannabis cultivation facility. We deliver the expertise you need; our team of licensed professional engineers has designed more than 80 cannabis facilities across the country. This depth of experience provides you with the highest quality design and engineering services. Let us take your operation to the next level with a design that fits your needs.

Compliance with state and local codes and regulations can be tricky to navigate. Our team of professional engineers has more than 100 years of combined experience and understands the unique requirements for building compliant and efficient cannabis cultivation and extraction facilities. We are familiar with the construction documents you need and are dedicated to delivering the expert engineering services required to build your facility. We’ll keep the design of your project on schedule, on budget, and done right the first time around.

Your unique operation has unique needs, which is why Root Engineers dedicates a project manager and an entire team of top engineers to your project. We seek a deep understanding of your operation and your location to make the best possible recommendations for your business.

Our team draws on their years of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and process engineering experience to design a system that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your production, maximize your bottom line, and provide the operational infrastructure to grow your business.

As the cannabis industry begins to mature, there is a critical need for quality engineering services that will help to professionalize and take the industry to its natural next level. The Root Engineers team provides quality, integrity, and expertise to the cannabis cultivation and processing community through superior engineering solutions, including:

Mechanical Engineering
The efficiency and effectiveness of your operation hinge on proper system design and equipment recommendations to meet your needs. Our team works in partnership with you to ensure appropriate system selection, ranging from split systems, hydronic systems, chillers, boilers, dehumidification and more. We also help you navigate other important aspects of your operation set up, including code compliance, budgeting and scalability.

Electrical Engineering
Our electrical engineers give you solid, knowledgeable design expertise in a number of engineering and design areas, ranging from lighting design and layout, power management, Class 1 Division I & II electrical design and nontraditional engineering arrangements. Our experts design custom systems that are reliable, understandable, and set you up for future growth.

Plumbing Engineering
Plumbing engineers play a key role in influencing the water efficiency, sustainability, and energy systems of your facility. We design systems appropriate for your plumbing needs including water quality and treatment, waste treatment, condensation recovery, code compliance and functional design.

Process Engineering
Due to the depth of experience at Root Engineers, we are able to integrate a holistic understanding of your system requirements as well as our clients’ goals in order to ensure that we develop a robust, cost efficient and highly performing system. Our engineering expertise and experience in local and state code requirements, combined with an understanding of needs within the cannabis cultivation and processing spaces, are leveraged to accelerate and refine your program.OUR SERVICES
It takes an incredible amount of time, energy and expense to grow and process cannabis indoors. Root Engineers provides the below services (and more) to deliver the well-designed, energy efficient system you need:

When it comes to design and selection of equipment, we take into account your unique needs alongside vital algorithms like plant transpiration rates. This important investment can play a large role in short and long term profitability.

Knowledgeable design of electrical systems, including nontraditional arrangements, support and often directly impact the reliability and performance of your operation. We make sure that your systems are reliable, understandable and set you up for future growth.

Kitchen Design
We apply our years of commercial kitchen engineering experience to make sure your kitchen is efficient and meets all applicable, code-driven requirements. From hood exhaust, makeup air, space conditioning and beyond, we partner with you to navigate this process with ease.

We use our expertise to make sure that you have the right equipment – from exhaust fans to backup power – in order to streamline approval processes, get it right the first time, and ultimately save you money.


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