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About Ricca Chemical Company

Dr. Paul J. Ricca was a busy chemist back in 1975, he noticed that lab techs spent too much valuable time mixing solutions and preparing chemicals in order to perform tests. He realized that if labs had chemicals on-hand, pre-mixed and in sizes that were realistic to their use, that the lab would be a much more efficient place. From that vision – RICCA Chemical was born.

Dr. Ricca knew that quality products were key to optimum lab results too, so he mandated that RICCA chemicals didn’t just meet standard tolerances – they exceeded them. Better, more consistent testing results meant more efficiency for labs.

After originating in Arlington, Texas, RICCA has grown to 3 locations to provide redundancy in manufacturing and ensure that customers are never waiting for products – Batesville, IN and Pocomoke City, MD.

We offer a robust variety of chemicals, analytical solutions and standards including recently launched product lines for Karl Fischer testing (HydroSpec®), Ion Chromatography Standards (VeriSpec®) and for the testing, growing and processing of cannabis products (Cannabis Solutions). With over 15,000 products in all – we are sure you’ll find the right chemical, size and packaging to suit your needs. If the product you need is not listed in our catalog, we welcome the opportunity to assist you by formulating a product to meet your specifications and your timeline for delivery.

From our beginning, we’ve been about making life easier in the lab by focusing on our customer. Our dedication to you is one commitment that will never waiver.


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