Resource Innovation Institute

Resource Innovation Institute

We quantify the natural resource impacts of regulated cannabis and point the way to an efficient industry future.

About Resource Innovation Institute

Resource Innovation Institute was founded in early 2016 in Portland, Oregon, by leaders in energy and climate policy, corporate sustainability, green building and utility conservation who saw cannabis as an unprecedented opportunity for market transformation toward resource efficiency. The fastest growing economic sector, an environmentally progressive industry, a collectively large energy and water footprint, no standards or best practices.

Since that beginning, RII is now infused with the top minds in and around cannabis who are grappling with the vision of a resource efficient global industry . We partner with growers, cannabis trade associations, cannabis cup competitions, utilities, governments, manufacturers and other stakeholders to aggregate data, create venues for the exchange of best practices and establish standards to advance resource efficiency.

As a non-profit organization, Resource Innovation Institute serves our grower members by supporting them to make resource-efficient cultivation decisions. Find out more about the value of RII membership.

In addition, we help stakeholders, governments and utilities make sense of the resource impacts of cannabis, its integration into communities, and how to productively solve real-time, resource-related market challenges. Find out more about our services.


RII connects utilities to cannabis cultivation operations to support effective power hookups and conservation outreach. Through data from our Cannabis PowerScore, we enable targeted grower outreach, load planning and incentive design. We bring cannabis expertise to teams who are developing and implementing cannabis programs, often in partnership with member organizations such as ACEEE and New Buildings Institute. In addition, RII is aggregating funding for a North American baseline study of cannabis energy consumption, including electricity, natural gas and other fuels.

As cannabis regulation continues to accelerate throughout North America and globally, issues arise. RII brings a network of best practices and real-world experiences to help local jurisdictions, states and federal governments find productive policy approaches to issues ranging from energy to water to waste to air quality. We are currently funded to help connect the dots among cultivation operations, utilities, lighting manufacturers and other stakeholders as Massachusetts integrates its groundbreaking Lighting Power Density regulation.

RII convenes stakeholders for time-sensitive dialogues that promote collaboration amidst chaos. We bring together members of the supply chain who are designing facilities, installing technologies and developing products to drive resource efficient cannabis cultivation. RII is currently supporting the development of an indoor horticulture lighting efficacy standard by connecting the dots between cultivators, the DesignLights Consortium, LED lighting manufacturers and utilities throughout North America.


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