Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP)

Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP)

Our Mission Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP) reforms marijuana laws by working within the GOP to educate and connect with lawmakers, party leadership, and grassroots activists. We are the voice for all Republicans who oppose the inhumane and unjust practice of imprisoning people for using the cannabis plant. We support efforts to bring marijuana out of the black-market and into safe, legal, and regulated use by doctors for compassionate medical care and storefronts for adult recreational use.
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About Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP)

Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition Founder Ann Lee is a lifelong Republican. In 1990, after a workplace accident that put her 28 year old son, Richard, in a wheelchair as a paraplegic, he stumbled upon research that showed marijuana as a possible relief for his severe nerve pain.

Though Ann once believed marijuana to be a dangerous “gateway” drug, she recognized the very real medical benefit that cannabis offered her son. Believing Richard and after a lot of research, Ann and Bob Lee began to question the illegality of marijuana and came to the conclusion that the plant was good medicine and ought to be legal.


Ann Lee
Founder / Executive Director
Zoe Russell
Assistant Executive Director
John Baucum
Political Director
Jane Bock
Jason Vaughn
Membership Director
Hunter White
Communications Director
Bonnie Lugo