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Renaissance Computer Systems

Combining technology and marketing to build online businesses. Cannabis and marijuana domains for sale.
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About Renaissance Computer Systems

Renaissance Computer Systems Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Jackie Goldstein, an internationally renowned expert in software development and Microsoft technologies. The company focused on the development of custom software, technology consulting and specialized training to various organizations around the world. Renaissance developed an extremely close relationship with Microsoft Corporation and came to be recognized as leading experts in software development using the Microsoft .NET platform.

Over the years, the Renaissance team developed a broad range of projects and assembled an impressive list of satisfied clients in varied fields, ranging from small and medium sized businesses to large international corporations.

Since 2010, Renaissance has shifted its emphasis from developing general desktop and web applications to developing online businesses, using WordPress as the web site platform. Drawing on 20+ years of technical, marketing, and business experience, Renaissance has been developing and nurturing online businesses for its own web properties as well as for client web sites. 

Also Renaissance works with projects in the MJ industry. We offer cannabis and marijuan domains for your business.

As the laws controlling the growth and sale of marijuana begin to change throughout the United States, many new opportunities are being created. Colorado and Washington State are trailblazers in the legalization of Recreational Marijuana – but many other states have already legalized Medical Marijuana in one form or another.

Get in at the early stages of this emerging industry that is going to just explode in the coming years!

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We have a portfolio of cannabis and marijuana domains for sale.


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