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Refined Bud is a boutique digital marketing firm for cannabis industry businesses and brands who have a conscience. We elevate the conversation surrounding cannabis through digital marketing, public relations, and social media. We believe in the philosophy of doing good, being good, and living well. Our strategies are successful but we do not build brands—we build lifestyles.
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From an early age, LP has been fascinated by powerful stories that invoke change and inspire. That initial fascination grew into their life mission: to become the megaphone for untold stories and propel them forward to make waves of social change.

Fluent in stoner culture, activism, and all things quirky, they career in 2006 working for an environmental nonprofit. After spending nearly a decade in the progressive political world, LP moved to Los Angeles and began working with Brave New Films, a progressive film studio producing impactful documentaries. During this time, LP built relationships with top media influencers at the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, among others. They created solid relationships with numerous indie media giants and digital outlets. It’s during this time that LP became outspoken about the War on Drugs, and its impact on our communities.

In 2015, LP founded Refined Bud, a digital marketing agency specializing in the cannabis space. Refined Bud is dedicated to advancing conscience brands and companies who share a similar vision. Industry players like Women Grow, Vaporbrothers, Civilized, and Weedmaps have turned to Refined Bud to establish, expand, and diversify their digital presence.

When they’re not working hard, LP can usually be found in the mountains with their wife and 3 adopted dogs, exploring off the beaten path places in Los Angeles, or cheering on their favorite sports teams; the Los Angeles Sparks.


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