If you are growing plants or crops for commercial or personal use, PureCrop1 is the ONE foliar spray for naturally healthier plants.
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About PureCrop1

PureCrop1 eliminates the use of antiquated toxic pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and microbial products. Increased purity, health and brix of agricultural related crops and plants are clearly realized.

The majority of crops are testing positive for hazardous pesticide, insecticide and fungicide residues. PureCrop1 provides a safe, proven formula in replacing the most toxic chemicals used today. The PureCrop1 liquid formula is the solution to increasing Prop 65 legal issues and associated fines regarding toxic crop control chemicals.

PureCrop1 is approved for organic production by CCOF & ASCO and exempt under FIFRA 25(b) federal regulations. The formulation has been successfully used to control and eradicate fusarium wilt, botrytis, powdery mildew, white flies, aphids, russet mites and other insects and larvae. PureCrop1 leaves no toxic residues on crops and is safe for mankind, pets and the environment.

PureCrop1 is a proven highly effective biostimulant that accelerates photosynthesis and the production of sugar, which is an essential component of plant nutrition. Utilized on a regular watering and/or misting regime, PureCrop1 increases internal sugar (brix) levels in the plant, providing it with natural, effective pest and disease resistance. Our formula is made from food grade oils and extracts listed on the FDA approved GRAS and EAFUS list of food products.

PureCrop1 is non-hazardous with a “0” OSHA rating and is quickly biodegradable. PureCrop1 is extremely cost effective at ranges of $.75 to $2.50 per sprayable gallon. Home gardens as well as small and large scale farming operations will realize many ancillary benefits: Safe for humans, pets and farmland, including elimination of toxic drift and quarantine times.

Derived From Renewable Resources:

PureCrop1 is derived from renewable plant-based materials such as grains and seed crops. Our products do not contain petroleum distillates, synthetics, artificial foaming or thickening agents, builders, reagents, dyes or fragrances.

How Does PureCrop1 Work?

PureCrop1 is a micellar aggregate surfactant that works at the nano scale to break down long hydrocarbon chains and break bonds in fats and oils and hold them in suspension when mixed with water. Individual micelle repel each other like opposing magnets, while attracting solid particles and breaking hydrocarbon bonds into smaller molecules. Once solid particles have attached themselves to the micelle, the micelle holds them in suspension preventing re-soiling from occurring. The wash off is completely biodegraded and become soil constituents, such as nitrate, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, biomass and water. Mixed together in a very diluted solution, micelle drastically reduce surface tension and work as a dispersing agent that carry other active ingredients more effectively than common surfactants.

The Science Behind PureCrop1:

PureCrop1 is produced by advanced developments in colloidal chemistry, which make it possible to produce a microscopic particle called a micelle. The micelle is comprised of a collection of linear molecules or fatty esters and fatty acids clumped together in the shape of a sphere that is about the size of 20 hydrogen atoms, or about one to four nanometers. The chemistry is in essence a form of natural quantum physics.

Mixed micelle are created as a result of a process in which natural ingredients, all extracts of plants, are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences, which causes the compositions to be transformed into new particles, which are colloidal micelles. They can also be described as a nano supramolecular surfactant. Nano sized emulsions offer many advantages over conventional chemicals in safety, sustainable results, more rapid and reliable activation and extended long-term effect.

Unique Value of PureCrop1:

PureCrop1 has proven to be an extremely valuable and effective formula that maximizes the plant immune system response

Safely and effectively resolves a variety of problems that cause crop damage.

Proven to increase brix levels in plants, resulting in increased plant health

Exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25(b) regulations

Approved for organic food production

Eliminates the hazard residues of toxic crop chemicals

Full disclosure international global harmonization SDS sheet

No gloves, masks or special safety equipment is required. Use of protective eye goggles is always recommended.

Important Notes:

2 oz PureCrop1 per gallon of clean water for control, 1 oz per gallon for preventative maintenance

Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to spray

Thoroughly spray all branches, stems and leaves – including under leaves

Best used with high pressure sprayers and atomizers

Make sure to fill container with water first and then add PureCrop1 (then agitate/ shake) to avoid excessive foaming or waste of product

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