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Pure Science Lab

As a CBD hemp oil patient and Crohn's disease survivor I have always looked for a root based product to replace standard drugs for my Crohn's disease. The process of consumer trial and error testing health related products is exhausting, confusing, expensive, and time consuming. We felt that providing the consumer with products that “actually work” would be of great aid to the multitudes of people searching for help that they are desperate to find for their personal well being. We develop and sell products that will provide the “best” results. Most of our products are proprietary formulations, some of the products we sell are formulated with other companies ingredients. One thing is for sure. THE BEST PRODUCT IS THE ONLY PRODUCT WE WILL SELL!
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What started as a simple quest to feel better, evolved into a mission… to bring organic hemp based Pure Science Lab CBD products to the world.  After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease more than 30 years ago, and finding little relief with conventional therapy and pain medications, our founder Steve set out to find a healthy alternative to the pharmaceutical drugs he had painstakingly been subjecting his body to for years.

With decades spent in the Nutraceutical business, Steve honed in on the health benefits of CBD Hemp products and started traveling the world in search of organic hemp farmers who could deliver an unprecedented certified high- concentrate extract.  He found them, in the good ol’ USA and met with representatives to discuss his vision.  Steve forged solid relationships with ISO certified third-party labs and started selling the certified extract to the medical community and Pure Science Lab was born.  Shortly after conception, Steve expanded Pure Science Lab into the pharmacy and health food markets…and the rest you could say, is history.

“As a Crohn’s disease survivor, CBD advocate and consumer, I know the trials and tribulations of searching for pain and anxiety relief without all of the side effects and addiction warnings.”

At Pure Science Lab our mission is clear… provide only the highest quality organic hemp based CBD products to the marketplace at the best prices possible.  We are committed to improving the lives of our customers through the many health benefits CBD has to offer and consider it a privilege to guide and serve our customers on their journey to wellness.

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s the founder of Pure Science Lab and a crohns disease survivor, CBD hemp oil consumer and 25 years in the alternative medicine industry, I understand the importance of providing the highest quality ingredients and tracking the history of the ingredients from seed to sale. This is the highest premium grade CBD hemp oil available. Our CBD hemp oil is 100% legal hemp oil.

Pure Science Lab is dedicated to offering premium extracts. The high quality hemp extracts that we formulate provide a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and other natural molecules. Our unique flavorings have taken endless test runs and reruns, until the proper palatable mixtures prevail.


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