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In an industry teeming with overnight experts, Pure Cultivation leverages decades of hands-on greenhouse and indoor facility management, university degrees in horticulture, design oversight for dozens of acres of greenhouse development and cannabis experience dating back 20 years to provide tangible and meaningful results to their clients.  

Pure Cultivation believes in scalable production and construction techniques, incorporating cutting-edge cultivation techniques gleamed from working alongside the leading minds in both hydroponic vegetable and soilless floriculture production environments and sustainable cultivation practices that provide both environmental and fiscal advantages. 

Below is a sample of the services that we offer but we are open to other inquiries and will always be honest about where our expertise ends if we don't feel our experience will bring value to your organization: 

  • Application Support
  • Complete Facility Design and Layout
  • Cultivation System & Vendor Selection
  • Generation of Operating Documents
  • Comprehensive Cultivation Plans
  • Organic IPM Programs
  • Nutrient Engineering
  • Genetic Selection and Procurement
  • Hiring of Key Personnel
  • On-Site Start-Up Support
  • Long-Term Operational Support

Features Pure Cultivation

Current Projects

Pure Cultivation has worked in 8 states with over a dozen satisfied clients. Below are several highlights of past and current projects:

  • Awarded a Tier 1 Cultivation License in Ohio following a successful application process in a highly-competitive marketplace. Pure Cultivation handled all facility design, technical writing and operational planning for the application process. Currently overseeing construction efforts of the 45,000+ square foot facility and will handle operational oversight following commissioning of the facility.
  • Ongoing and intensive operational support for SunMed Grower's medical cannabis cultivation facility in Maryland. SunMed operates a 60,000+ square foot Dutch greenhouse utilizing the most advanced cultivation systems in the industry. Consulting services include nutrient engineering, plant husbandry guidance, genetic program steering and providing organic IPM strategies. 
  • Comprehensive application support for a vertically integrated medical cannabis applicant in Florida including the design of a state-of-the-art 44,000 square foot greenhouse facility (currently under review by the state)
  • Comprehensive application support for a Clinical Registrant medical cannabis applicant in Pennsylvania including the design of a fully automated, vertical, state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility (currently awaiting application window to open)


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