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Puffin Farm

Sunshine Makes Our Buds Divine

About Puffin Farm

Clean Green Certified™
Federal law regulates the use of the word "organic," and the USDA does not recognize cannabis cultivation as a legitimate agricultural. Consumer desire for a higher quality product created a need in the cannabis industry for third-party certifiers.

Clean Green Certified™ applies organic standards to cannabis production and certifies farmers and crops that uphold those standards. Our dedication to sustainable sungrown methods and absence of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides makes Puffin a Clean Green Certified™ Farm.

Ecologically Sustainable
LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT. Despite the warnings of climate change, indoor cannabis cultivation has been estimated to use 1% of the nation’s power. Puffin Farm uses at least 90% less electricity than indoor farms!

Puffin plants receive full-spectrum sunlight allowing for the biosynthesis of a complex array of phytoconstituents. They receive not only sunlight but starlight, moonlight, and the earth's energy array through their roots. We use a small amount of electricity to sustain our nursery, and for nor some of our greenhouse crops are supplemented with artificial light for part of the year.

Our Mission
Our mission is to produce, process and curate the most aromatic and clean cannabis and concentrates, as mother nature intended; sungrown, minimally processed, using organic and sustainable methods that aid in the fight against global warming. We utilize age old wisdom as well as cutting edge technology to bring you the finest, purest and most natural cannabis products attainable.

Our Story
The Founders at Puffin Farm are life long cannabis connoisseurs, medical cannabis patients, and care providers. When cannabis became legal in Washington state, they decided to bring the plant out of the basement, closet and warehouse into the light of the sun.

Puffin Farm is a family owned and operated business. Ben and Jade are the married couple behind the day to day operations of the farm. Cyrena is Jade’s sister and Cliff their uncle both run the iconic Seattle Glassblowing Studio in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

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