Prohbition Partners

Prohbition Partners

Prohibition Partners was founded in 2017 with a mission to open up the international cannabis industry through reliable data and intelligence.

About Prohbition Partners

Within two years, we have become the world’s leading provider of market insights and strategic consultancy for this emerging frontier. We firmly believe that data, insights and education will unlock the societal and commercial potential of cannabis.

Our research and content teams routinely share the latest legislative developments and key trends in the industry - information that is regularly cited by political leaders, investment banks and Fortune 500 companies. Our consultancy team works with investors, operators and regulators to identify and execute opportunities across multiple jurisdictions. We advise our private clients on licensing, regulatory and business opportunities.


Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy
Daragh Anglim
Managing Director
David Attwood
Head of Consulting
Eoin Keenan
Head of Content
Alexandra Curley
Head of Insights
Paula Cazes
Regulatory Advisor
Barbara Pastori
Guillermo Martino
Arnau Valdovinos
Madalina Farcas
Digital Market Manager

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