PotCoin is decentralized digital currency looked at to become the standard of payment for the legalized cannabis industry. PotCoin supports the cannabis industries by alleviating the stigma associated with doing business with banks and lobbies for legalization and decriminalization.
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About PotCoin

PotCoin forms a global community with each wallet and coin holder a participant anchored in a new economy. On every level of the cannabis industry, users and supporters can entrust PotCoin to extend credibility, stability and security to this exponentially growing market. PotCoin Systems does not sell PotCoin or collect any transaction fees.

PotCoin is an ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency solution for the $250 billion dollar global cannabis industry.

PotCoins are digital coins you can send via the internet, which allow cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together. PotCoin is a global community based effort.