Growing Units that can be used for medical marijuana. Our units are mildew and mold resistant, recyclable,and enviromentally safe. Come visit us at PonicPods.com. We can have your unit stamped and numbered to meet any state regulations.
Grow Rooms & Boxes

About PonicPods

Our company is dedicated to helping the world grow organic food. We strive for excellent customer service with the utmost integrity. In today’s environment it is important to develop new sustainable growing warehouses and not give into Genetically Modified Seeds large corporations are trying to monopolize. There is a way and this is it! PonicPods; the 21st century way to Grow Hydro!

Our Passion
Seeing each and every human being able to grow their own organic food without the use of pesticides, free of radiation and contamination. Controlling the real threat to our food source from genetically modified and depleted nutrients.

Our Mission
To make a permanent viable resource for people to take control of what they grow and eat affordable through local sustainable agriculture. Teaching communities to become self sustainable through education.

Features PonicPods


Our patents make us the premiere company at the top of the food chain.  We build cultivations, extraction facilities and dispensaries. 

I guess you could say the whole industry is our audience.  Indoor Agriculture Technologies is now deeply rooted in the movement for sources of hemp bio mass and isolate to qualified buyers