Plant Consulting Group, LLC

Plant Consulting Group, LLC

Plant Consulting Group is a team of highly trained professionals providing comprehensive services to the global and state cannabis industries.  With decades of practical, hands-on experience, Plant guides our clients through all aspects of the cannabis business, from cultivation to final products, with an emphasis on bringing a higher level of quality to the cannabis industry as a whole.  Plant consultants are leaders in their respective fields and have the educational and industry background required to help our clients navigate through the maze of scientific, policy and marketing challenges often unique to the cannabis industry and to ensure our clients succeed in this ever changing field.

About Plant Consulting Group, LLC

The cannabis market is quickly growing and expanding, and is in fact one of the fastest growing sectors of business. Plant can help clients keep their products relevant, consistent and effective to stand out in a market with an ever increasing amount of product choices. Our team of specialists have assisted several clients with the development of various cannabis infused products, for both medical and recreational delivery systems, including but not limited to: lotions, balms, ointments and patches; capsules and tablets; tinctures, sprays, sublingual solutions and other oromucosal products; sodas, tonics, chocolates, fudge, truffles, hard and soft candies, baked goods and other confectionary items. We pride ourselves in being able to take our client’s products from conceptualization to commercialization by offering a range of product development services. Our Product Development Services include but are not limited to:

  1. Initial Concept
  2. Delivery Mechanism/System
  3. Formulation
  4. Packaging & Labeling
  5. Cost of Goods Analysis


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