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Peak Extracts

Peak Extracts is an Oregon based company specializing in custom CO2 extractions, Chocolates and Medicated Salves.
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About Peak Extracts

Being Single Strain sets us apart– no other edible maker has offered such a custom and versatile experience.  Besides that, since we do all our own extraction, we get to choose the best material, and have our own way of processing it that we’ve honed for many years.  The idea is to retain as many terpenes, flavonoids and nuances of the original flower as possible.  Katie has a background in laboratory science and spent more than a decade doing research, and she has a fabulous time playing mad scientist in our lab.


We work primarily with Yerba Buena and East Fork Cultivars, with some smaller side projects with other growers. We take this collaboration very seriously– we want to know that the people growing the cannabis we use have values and practices aligned with our own. In addition, because we have so many strains and move through them so quickly, we end up spending a lot of time communicating with these companies, so personal dynamics are very important. We look for people who care about sustainability, environmental impact, and medicinal benefits of cannabis. Both of our primary partners are extremely forward-thinking and dedicated. We love working with them.


We get our chocolate from a company that specializes in gourmet dark chocolate couverture that’s suitable for making bars–it was a long process to find someone who could supply in large enough quantities to sustain us, that would also maintain consistency between lots and batches.  They blend from different regions and the three main cacao cultivars to ensure a uniform and consistent product.  Since the point is to feature each strain, we didn’t want differences in the base chocolate to detract from that.  They have asked us not to name them outright, but we enjoy working with them, and they value sustainability– and their chocolate is delicious.