DNA-based pathogen testing kits from PathogenDx are light-years ahead of other microbial testing methods. In addition to being able to test for over twenty different microbials simultaneously, testing kits from PathogenDx provide:

About PathogenDx

PathogenDx’s(PDx) mission is to deliver disruptive testing technology and solutions to the botanical, food and agricultural testing markets that provide breakthrough simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, at an adaptable scale for both large and small testing facilities.

Our technology will offer growers, processors, producers, consumers and ancillary services within the botanical, food and agricultural markets real-time data /information pertaining to the quality of their product. This will ensure a safer product from a human health standpoint, and protect crops preventing millions of dollars in losses from contaminated or spoiled product.

We believe our technology and products will become the next are setting the standard in DNA testing. We have made it simpler, faster and better.

Our market research with numerous labs has shown that customers want a higher throughput, lower cost, and less cumbersome assay when it comes to pathogen testing and our mission is to serve and partner in their growth and success. We will accomplish this through the highest quality service, providing cutting edge solutions and a commitment to helping them meet their goals.


Eric Lachance
Milan Patel
CEO and Co-Founder
Jeff Ryskamp

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