Parsl is a track-and-trace supply-chain technology for the legal cannabis industry. They solve many of the challenges the legal industry faces starting with compliance and transparency. Using a combination of cutting edge technologies, Parsl is able to deliver value to everyone in the supply-chain of the cannabis industry from dispensaries to growers to regulators to consumers.

About Parsl

The Parsl journey starts when the cannabis seeds are first planted.

The tag will track exposure to heat, UV rays and other environmental elements and all information is stored on the tag up to and including harvest.

That tag will then follow the cannabis to the lab where all the results and testing methods will be securely recorded and verified on the blockchain. 

This method of recording lends legitimacy to the lab testing results, rewards laboratories using high-quality testing methods and helps deliver results directly to the end user.

When the cannabis is harvested and processed Parsl tags track everything that is done to turn it into the product a customer buys. 

Whether that is CBD oil, edibles, or even just dried flower, every step will be recorded onto the tag, giving consumers greater visibility about the products they are buying.