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Paragon is tackling the industry wide problems faced by the cannabis industry. Our goal is to legitimize and provide transparency and regulatory solutions to this fractured industry.
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The Paragon seed-to-sale tracking software is being built on blockchain technology. We utilize smart-contracts because of their self-executing code that's based on certain presets. We are the first to use smart-contracts to serve the purpose of a decentralized database solution for the cannabis industry.

On the blockchain, transaction data is immutable, as are smart contracts that have been launched onto the blockchain. This means that data contained within these smart contracts cannot be changed at a later stage and cannot be hacked or removed. Further, there is a small transaction fee involved for the creation of such smart contracts. This ensures that it would be prohibitively expensive to attempt to overload the network with requests.

As a cultivator, distribution company, laboratory, manufacturing company, dispensary or delivery service, you will have access to a supply chain tool that can seamlessly connect with your business partners. Moreover, you will be able to input all relevant product data throughout the lifecycle of the plant from cultivation through to the final sale. You will be able to rest assured that all data inputs cannot be manipulated after they have been finalized into smart contracts. This not only provides a piece of mind surrounding data corruption or manipulation, but also simplifies your audit procedures as the data will always remain accessible to you at a later date.


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