Paradigm Supercritical Innovations

Paradigm Supercritical Innovations

PSICO2 is proud to present the Industries first made for Cannabis Co2 Extraction Machine. Our patent pending design allows for easy use of the unit. While our patent pending extraction method produces high percentage of return and a final product which rivals hydrocarbon extractions.
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About Paradigm Supercritical Innovations

Matthias has worked closely with those building the industry. He found a natural groove that has turned into a road of innovation he could never imagine. Prompted by a close friend, he began looking at the Supercritical CO2 process; he quickly decided that this was a technology that needed to be accessible to the people who already planted roots in the community. Matthias began his journey, starting from a simple pressure vessel, it grew to be the innovation he knew could make a difference.

Paradigm Supercritical Innovations carries this mission; if you have the Supercritical CO2 fever, we want to help you get the medicine to the people, and help you fulfill your goals. Talk to us, we are family, we can help!


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