Panaxia is a pharmaceutical company specializing in medical cannabis R&D and manufacturing.

About Panaxia

We are bringing scientific rigor and pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to the rapidly evolving field of medical cannabis. As a leader in this category, Panaxia is spearheading the adoption of cannabis-based treatments by developing consistent, effective, high-quality products that can be taken through a variety of familiar delivery methods to substantially improve the lives of people with a wide range of medical conditions. We offer over 65 different products, all manufactured under extremely stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and with the most advanced analytical and validation methods to meet the most demanding requirements for consistency and dosage accuracy.

Panaxia is part of a group of leading Israeli pharmaceutical companies with more than four decades of experience and proven success. We invest substantially in research and development and have clinical partnerships with prominent medical centers.

Operating around the globe, our network is extensive and ever growing. Collaborating with the world’s best medical cannabis companies and organizations enables us to bring cannabis products of the highest quality and consistency to as many people as possible.


Dadi Segal
Chief Executive Officer
Assi Rotbart
Executive Board Member
Eran Goldberg
Chief Technology Officer
Gil Benyamini
Chief Financial Officer
Aaron Ciechanover
Advisory Board Member
David (Dedi) Meiri
Advisory Board Member
Noa Leibovitch
Advisory Board Member