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WELCOME to the HIGHEST Quality Payroll Processing & Business Support Services for the Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Industry!
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About Panacea Payroll

For more than thirty years, the founders of Panacea Payroll have managed a premier payroll processing company, offering alternative services to companies who require the most reliable payroll processing. Now, they’re offering their buttoned-up services to the entire country with a specialized focus on businesses servicing the cannabis, hemp and medicinal marijuana industry.

New opportunities in cannabis growing and distribution are yielding new challenges for business’ payroll processing, workforce management and human resources. Panacea Payroll has done the research and, state-by-state we deliver excellent services and consulting advice to businesses who need things done right. Beyond payroll processing, Panacea Payroll also offers excellent programs to help good companies perform better for their employees.

Panacea Payroll isn't just a payroll processing company...we are a business services solution provider that makes it easier, more efficient and more profitable to run your business as you navigate the evolving cannabis markets.

You have better things to do than learn every new rule and law, manage payroll and navigate employee taxes and Panacea Payroll is expert at payroll processing but we also offer a portfolio of managed services that you can rely on to make your business professional and productive right from the start. From the most complex time tracking and detailed scheduling to background checks and benefits management, we've got your back.

Features Panacea Payroll

We have over 30 years experience in the payroll industry. Panacea Payroll is a family owned business but can handle payroll for companies of any size and complexity. We have clients all over the country and can work with clients in all 50 states.