Orange Insurance and Bonding

Orange Insurance and Bonding

Marijuana Insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage options for businesses operating in the cannabis industry. Protect your investments with a business insurance program uniquely designed for your industry and your business needs.
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About Orange Insurance and Bonding

We are a small business specialized brokerage that works with over 200 carriers to get you the perfect coverage. Our niche markets include cyber/data breach liability, drone/UAS businesses, mom & pop small business types and the construction industry. We also have a pretty large number of clients who are in the legal cannabis business. That being said, we can handle anything you throw at us. With our years of expertise helping hundreds of businesses, we are happy to help you - even if it's advice on budgeting your insurance needs. We will not turn you away just for asking a few questions... We hope that if we answer your questions and treat you with respect that you will come back and work with us for your insurance needs.

Coming from a long line of small and successful businesses, Orange Insurance was developed and launched almost 10 years ago. The brokerage was started on the belief that insurance was a stale and stagnant business... So Orange decided to do away with those perceived conceptions and bring a new spin to the way insurance looks, feels and works... We are extremely forward thinking and quickly embrace new technology as it comes along, enhancing our goal to become an agency dedicated to changing the face of traditional insurance. These new thoughts and ideas enable us to work virtually and quickly from anywhere, twenty-four-seven, to better serve our clients. Through email, e-signatures and online payments we are one of the most efficient brokerages around.

We take the time and personal care to find the right coverage for you and your specific needs so that you can get the best possible rates with the greatest protection.

Orange Insurance LLC, it's owner(s), producers, DBA's and/or affiliates are licensed in fourteen states to help better serve our client's needs... Those states include Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Alaska, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas (with more being added as the brokerage grows). You can view all licenses below.


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