In the islands, there is a long and cherished tradition of “talking story” – for centuries, stories about the Hawaiian people and culture have been handed down from generation to generation, sometimes accompanied by music and dance, often over an open fire or at traditional celebrations and festivals.
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About Olala

At Olala, our story begins with an island boy named Noel. Noel Remigio, born and raised in Oahu, graduate of Mid Pacific Institute and a champion volleyball player, moved to the Bay Area and met Kate Quackenbush, southern California girl and fellow volleyball fanatic, in the late 1980’s. They married in 1991 and now have two beautiful daughters. During all their years together and through their move to Seattle, WA, Kate and Noel played volleyball, smoked weed, and talked about someday launching a cannabis company.

Noel Remigio and Kate QuackenbushThat dream became a reality in 2015, when they sold their house and used the proceeds to launch Fractal LLC, maker of Olala Brands. They worked throughout 2015 to acquire a WA State 502 Processing license, lease a facility, acquire equipment, hire and train staff, and build recipes for their target product – a highly carbonated, completely homogenized, full-spectrum cannabis soda in classic, accessible flavors like Cola, Orange Cream, and Lemon Lime Citrus.

Kate and Noel secured their license in Dec 2015 and began shipping cannabis concentrate products – vape oils, shatters, and dabs – in early 2016. By the middle of 2016, they had a manual bottling lab set up and had begun working on approvals from the state for their soda line, which finally launched in December 2016. Along the way, they met Randy Reed, another local boy who is now Olala President and the “mad scientist” behind such Olala innovations as CO2 live resin, full-spectrum terpene dips and Terpene Tonics, and stacked/compounded cannibinoid mixes for infused products.

Noel, Kate, and RandyToday the company has a full extraction lab and automated bottling line, 7 soda flavors in 3 potencies, 3 sparkling waters in 10 mg potency, and 3 Terpene Tonics to go with 2 coffee and 4 concentrate products. With inventory and revenues climbing month over month, Kate and Noel still occasionally find the time to slip away to a beach for a little volleyball “pepper”, a nice cannabis soda, and some time to reflect on their incredible journey.

Mahalo for listening to our story and we hope it inspires many more cannabis entrepreneurs to chase that dream and launch those companies!

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