Nutraceutical Facility Solutions, LLC

Nutraceutical Facility Solutions, LLC

Nutra FS is a full-service cannabis facility planning and construction management firm. We create successful plans for various permit applications, including administrative, conditional use, building, health, and fire. Our diverse team will help carry you through to your project realization with services offered for cGMP, feasibility, design/build, workflow efficiency, technical writing for local and state applications. You have a vision. We have a solution.
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About Nutraceutical Facility Solutions, LLC

The choice to create a commercial cultivation or product manufacturing facility is difficult. Costs, efficient design, building a team, and understanding codes can halt progress.

Nutraceutical Facility Solutions has the necessary experience to implement a successful design, with a focus on efficiency, compliance and scalability. We understand the balance between your vision, and local and national codes. Our team works with the necessary contractors and vendors to ensure ease of implementation.

Led by Sarah Rodebaugh, an expert in facility design, our agency of consultants navigates the building process from conception to completion. Based in Sonoma County, we understand the changing landscape of cannabis and construction, so you can rest easy.

We deliver laboratory, kitchen, and manufacturing designs that are customized for your business goals.

It’s what we do best. So you can do what you do best: produce high quality medicine.

Get started in your commercial cannabis facility. And do it without all the hassle.