New England Agricultural Technology

New England Agricultural Technology

The integrated growing solutions provided by New England Agricultural Technology have been designed by years of experience with technologically advanced automated agricultural solutions and the in-depth knowledge of seasoned growers and legal certifications.
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About New England Agricultural Technology

Our team of business professionals in finance, law and sustainable project development help you navigate new marijuana laws with pre-approved growing facilities.

We develop commercial greenhouses at sites throughout the state which “cultivators” and “cooperatives” lease to grow high-value agricultural products.

Leasing pre-approved greenhouses is the intelligent way to maximize your production and quality. This unique combination lets you devote your resources where it counts without the hassle of doing everything yourself. We are the only team that with both physical facility development and necessary administrative and legal support designed especially for “cultivators” and “cooperatives” under the new law.

Features New England Agricultural Technology

NEAg Tech develops and builds specialized Greenhouse facilities in strategic locations. We not only develop, but also manage, finance, and license these facilities with a wide range of boutique offerings enabling the grower to focus on their craft. We are taking farming to a new level. Our dedicated marijuana grow team can assist you in design, installation and complete project management of your marijuana greenhouse.

Specialized Greenhouse technology features & benefits;

    • Security
    • Irrigation
    • Heat/AC/Humidity Control
    • C02 Supplement
    • Seed-to-Sale Tracking
    • Nursery Facility
    • Curing Facilities
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Packaging Facilities
    • Wholesale grow supplies
    • 24 hour master grower support
    • Secure Transportation
    • Laboratory Support
    • Licensure & Compliance Support