Natoli Engineering Company

Natoli Engineering Company

We make manufacturing cannabis tablets Easy! When you buy a quality tablet press from Natoli you’re getting more than just a piece of equipment – you’re getting a network of support.
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About Natoli Engineering Company

We are a dedicated group of entrepreneurs that looks for the best that the plant kingdom has to offer and develops that greatness into viable products for the natural product industry as well as the integrative healthcare community.

 We are a US company with a strong connection to India and the herbs that come from the Ayurvedic tradition. We own three certified organic farms in that area, which is one of the richest agricultural areas in India.

 Supplying some of the biggest names in the Natural product industry with super premium ingredients has been our passion from the start. We source the herbs used in our extracts from our own certified organic farms as well as from the certified organic coop that we founded and funded to ensure that the farmers that tend these precious plants get a fair price for their efforts.

 We extract these herbs in our ultra-modern facility which is GMP, ISO 9001, and US FDA inspected, using the most advanced extraction technologies in the world. Our in-house developed extraction equipment and techniques are highly sought after by plant extraction companies the world over.

 We are involved in producing not only raw materials for the natural product industry but also in certified organic soil amendments, our own brands of finished herbal goods, natural toothpaste, synthetic free vape oils, and a broad variety of other innovative products.

 Please enjoy browsing our website and getting to know us a bit, and find out about our involvement in the future of natural products and the health of our planet.


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