MJ Consulting Services

MJ Consulting Services

MJ FUSE is a full-service cannabis advertising agency, dedicated to the branding and marketing of cannabis products and services. We are well versed in the different local rules and regulations surrounding marketing of cannabis. We bring a history of over 30 years branding and advertising expertise to the new cannabis market. MJ FUSE is a member of the Advertising Specialty Institute. With access to over 3000 suppliers of promotional products MJ FUSE is able to meet all your promotional needs.
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About MJ Consulting Services

MJ Consulting Services was originally founded in 1986 as AlphaDontics, a specialty advertising company directed towards the dental field. Founded by Dr. Michael Davis, MJ Consulting is primarily an advertising and marketing firm for the cannabis industry. We have ties to one of the largest privately owned advertising firms in the US. Traditional advertising is useful in the cannabis industry but cannot be used exactly the same way. Our mission is to be successful in our field by helping everyone we come in contact with achieve the same.

We are currently concentrating on a campaign designed to increase sales but also mitigate some of the effects of 280E for cannabis businesses. Currently, we are set up to provide a turnkey ticket brokerage or coffee shop franchise. These services are easily integrated into the existing physical location of the cannabis related business, which allows the business owner(s) to take advantage of IRS Section 280e tax consequences. In order to fulfill our mission statement we have four different divisions of MJ Consulting.

MJ Consulting Advertising and Marketing Services
MJ Consulting Services is a Delaware registered C-Corp that provides products and services to the legal cannabis industry. Advertising and marketing in the cannabis industry has a different landscape than traditional advertising. State laws ban advertisements on television or billboards that directly market marijuana products. Google, Facebook and Twitter refuse to accept marijuana advertising on their websites. The format for advertising cannabis is somewhat similar to that of liquor.

The cannabis industry is expected to be an annual $45 billion operation with approximately 5-10% earmarked for advertising and marketing by 2020. The companies that will dominate this industry are those that can successfully brand and market themselves, which requires dependency on social media, an online presence, video marketing and search engine optimization.

A custom website for your cannabis business is infinitely favorable to having a page in an online cannabis directory, since the design and SEO can be controlled with a custom website. We effectively market your branded business through a custom website with a focus on SEO.


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