A family of cannabis brands and businesses creating investment opportunities around the world. Effective May 22, 2019, Avana Canada Inc., changed its name to Mera Cannabis Corp.
Business Branding

About MERA

Each generation has seen the rise of innovative, new industries. Cannabis is no different. While others may be impulsively capitalizing on a single moment, we are here for the long haul. Making smart investments and taking a thoughtful, strategic approach to growth. We intend to make a lasting impact, to help steer the future of cannabis right here at home and around the world.

We’re creating exceptional consumer experiences with simple, quiet confidence. Adhering to high standards of professionalism matters to us because while we’re passionate, dedicated and inspired, it’s our business acumen that allows us to make smart investments.

Strength in Partnerships
Any company can form partnerships. Forming the right partnerships – ones that can leverage opportunity and maximize capabilities – is another story. This is why we’re exploring within our borders and beyond for opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry trailblazers.

Long-term Vision
We’re not here to impulsively capitalize on a moment. We’re here for the long haul – committed to a thoughtful strategic approach to realize a long-term vision in an industry with tremendous potential. We’re here to make a lasting mark on a future that holds incredible promise, for our company, our industry and lives around the world.


Zubin Jasavala
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Lucie Presot
Chief Financial Officer
Soyoung Lee
Chief Scientific Officer, Director
Jordan Plene
Vice President, Legal and Corporate Secretary