Mentor Capital, Inc.

Mentor Capital, Inc.

Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) is a publicly traded operating company that provides owners and cannabis companies with access to liquidity and funding from both public sources and the divestiture of legacy assets.
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About Mentor Capital, Inc.

Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) is a public operating company that invests in its larger pre-IPO cannabis related acquisitions and fundings. Mentor takes a significant position in the various members of our family of participating companies but leaves operating control in the hands of the cannabis company founders. This allows cannabis founders to continue to lead and grow their businesses with the funding, acquisition currency, and benefits of working within the public environment. Investors also may find liquidity if they choose to exchange all or part of their ownership for Mentor shares.

Because adult social use and medical marijuana opportunities often overlap, Mentor Capital participates in the legal recreational marijuana market. However, Mentor's preferred focus is medical, and the company seeks to facilitate the application of cannabis to cancer wasting, calming seizures, Parkinson's disease, reducing intraocular pressures from glaucoma and blunting chronic pain.

Mentor seeks to deliver a higher price to founders for a smaller slice of their business. Retaining control, receiving greater liquidity and working with a square corner organization are three key advantages to cannabis founders working with Mentor Capital, Inc.

Mentor Capital migrated to the cannabis space from leading-edge cancer investments when government actions collapsed the new leading cancer sector (e.g., Dendreon, a $5 billion market leader, dropped from $44 per share to $1.60 per share before filing for bankruptcy.) Mentor has liquidated all but one of its legacy assets and has applied those sale proceeds to the cannabis space. Today, all of Mentor's new investments are in cannabis-related sectors. The sole remaining legacy asset to divest is Waste Consolidators, Inc. (WCI), which began in 2003 and was a $72,000 position before Mentor entered the cannabis space. Today, WCI has grown to over $3M in sales annually.

Originally, Mentor Capital was formed in Silicon Valley in 1985 with $1,000 by current CEO, Chet Billingsley. The company completed dozens of early private acquisitions and went public in 1996.

Mentor Capital feels there is significant opportunity to approach the medical marijuana and adult use market as a business-focused, high-integrity, public company providing significantly more financing to private cannabis companies. As a result, Mentor will be able to return increasing stock value to the investing public.

Leaders in the cannabis space who are seeking the advantages of the public market, including greater ease of funding, liquidity, a pathway for investor exit, plus the availability of acquisition currency are encouraged to contact Mentor Capital to discuss how they might capture those public benefits by working through MNTR.


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