Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The MCCS provides evidence, training, expert guidance & peer support so UK clinicians can prescribe medical cannabis.

About Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is open to any clinician with an interest in cannabis as a medicine. We aim to provide high quality, balanced education and expert support in order to inform clinicians about the current state of evidence with regard to the efficacy of cannabis and its side effects. We provide a forum for discussion in order to support clinicians new to this field.


Mike Barnes
Neurologist and Rehabilitation Physician
Dr David McDowell
Consultant in Pain Management
Dr Edmund Bonikowski
Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr Leon Barron
General Practitioner
Dr Dani Gordon
Integrative Medicine & Cannabis Medicine Consultan...
Dr. Elizabeth Iveson
Neuro Rehab & Internal Medicine Consultant

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