Comprehensive software solution for dispensary owners and cannabis industry businesses. We provide an automated solution for employee tracking, inventory tracking, client management, point of sale, cash tracking, seed to sale reporting, financial accounting, grow space management, and other essential business tools.
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Marijuana Seed To Sale Software is a one stop tracking, inventory control and point of sale software solution for any sized Marijuana Dispensary business.
In our research of the cannabis industry we have found that there is a major demand for a simple, safe and secure means of tracking all elements and aspects that are entailed in running a successful business. We have the perfect remedy for this problem.

Marijuana Seed To Sale Software has developed an innovative software designed specifically to ease the most stressful burdens running any level of a cannabis business. Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Marijuana Delivery or Marijuana Grow.

In all our years of experiences in various areas of the cannabis industry, we have encountered numerous issues that not only hurt our bottom line, but was taking away from it! From our personal experiences and from what we have learned by interviewing and discussing issues with hundreds of other Medical Marijuana business owners we understand that there many areas of serious concerns, from thief, inventory control, to lost inventory, inaccurate inventory counts between shifts, cash drawer reconciliation discrepancies, etc. Try it NOW FREE first 30 days it will save you thousands of dollars.

Other concerns we came across were finding quick references to doctors, growers, suppliers, client tracking and of course having an accurate point of sale systems. Not only were each of these elements costing the businesses money but it was costing time, energy and effort, all of which could be used much more efficiently, and productive elsewhere within the business.
Marijuana Seed To Sale Software has the perfect remedy to all these issues while allowing you to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening and why it’s happening.