Marijuana Policy Group, LLC

Marijuana Policy Group, LLC

A premier marijuana policy and consulting firm. Based in Colorado, we provide market analytics, government policy, marijuana economics - to private enterprise and government agencies.
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About Marijuana Policy Group, LLC

The Marijuana Policy Group (MPG) is a Denver-based economic and policy consulting firm nationally recognized for its role in shaping the Colorado regulated cannabis market. Since 2014, our team has served as the lead marijuana economist for the State of Colorado, providing market and economic analysis that informs state policy.

MPG regularly provides actionable research and analysis that provides insight to businesses, investors and government agencies and to make informed decisions within the regulated cannabis industry.

MPG analysis and publications have been recognized by the Brookings Institution, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC Business News, 60 Minutes, the Huffington Post, and CNN Money. MPG principals provide have been solicited to present at national and international policy and industry conferences.


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