Marijuana Marketing Gurus

Marijuana Marketing Gurus

Where traditional marijuana marketing & advertising tactics have failed marijuana business owners, digital marketing has opened a whole new world of possibilities for brands to grow and be discovered. Marijuana Marketing Gurus combines best-in-class digital marketing with cannabis industry expertise to deliver our clients true organic growth.
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About Marijuana Marketing Gurus

At Marijuana Marketing Gurus, our mission is simple. We believe in delivering cutting-edge creative marketing services for the recreational and medicinal cannabis industries. We are here to light your path and guide your vision towards success in the new and expanding cannabis market. Combining visionary design, potent SEO, innovative strategies, and insightful analytics, we deliver truly effective marijuana advertising and marketing for the cannabis industry.

We believe that all brands have the potential to thrive on digital media.  Whether you’re marketing grow lights, vaporizers, cannabis edibles or even marijuana breath mints, we’re here to help you unlock your brand’s true potential, and position you for nationwide success as this budding industry continues to bloom.


Rianne VanDervoort
Manager of Client Services
Adam Trunnell
Director of Creative Services
Julian Pawley
SEO Manager
Christian Pickard
Email/Social Marketing Manager
Joëlle Roehr
Social Media Manager
Senior Technical Writer
Lead Designer
Amanda Moorhead
Digital Marketing Consultant
Tamara Pesqueira
Digital Marketing Consultant
Jaime Karnilaw
SEO Strategist
Elise Robinson
Digital Marketing Analyst
Lee Wheelwright
Digital Marketing Analyst
Digital Marketing Analyst