Manna Molecular Science, LLC

Manna Molecular Science, LLC

Founded in 2015, by a passionate group of pharmaceutical chemists and cannabis industry experts, the difference between Manna Molecular Science and our competitors is black and white. Our expert team has identified a medically sound, lab-tested system delivering whole-plant cannabinoids directly to those who need them most.

About Manna Molecular Science, LLC

We are on a mission to create cannabis-infused products that serve as a popular household therapy, safe to all who can benefit. Our quality products are produced with surgical precision, ensuring accuracy in each dose.

Our vision is to create the safest and best quality products using the latest advances in 3D printing technology. Our team of talented subject matter experts in the medical cannabis industry are at the forefront of cannabis innovation.

By bringing together the brightest minds in chemistry, robotics, and business, Manna Molecular Science has distinguished itself as one of the industry’s top developers of innovative cannabis-infused products.

Our Massachusetts-based team of developers are revolutionizing the cannabis industry, designing scalable product production using new age robotic equipment. We culled the best and brightest from within the cannabis industry and beyond. We have a commitment to recruiting the top talent and brightest minds from the cannabis industry and beyond.


Michael Kahn
Director of Analytical Chemistry & Co-Founder
Michael Frid
Director of Formulation Chemistry & Co-Founder
Nial C. DeMena
CEO & Co-Founder
Ean Seeb
General Director

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