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MadisonJay Solutions LLC

Our clients are at the forefront of a national revolution of federalism that the Founding Fathers—from James Madison to John Jay—would have understood well. Our clients are responding to the will of the voters to regulate cannabis, whether adult-use marijuana or hemp-derived CBD. But while fortune may favor those intrepid individuals with the fortitude to lead new industries, new industry means new challenges, evolving regulations, and uncertain application. Of course, investors still want answers in real-time.
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About MadisonJay Solutions LLC

This industry may be new.  But we aren't new to regulated industries or compliance.

MadisonJay Solutions was founded by executives of a leading provider of compliance solutions for alcohol producers, MHW, Ltd.  Drawing on their experience in the alcohol industry as well as legal practice advising companies in a wide-range of regulated and non-regulated industries on their compliance systems, MadisonJay helps clients navigate the complex web of ever-evolving regulations that face a nascent industry like adult-use cannabis. 

You need practical, trusted advice on continually evolving regulations.  MadisonJay provides the solution.


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