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LGC Capital

A leading investment firm, focused on the Legal Global Cannabis market/consumer. Vertically integrated system of interconnected legal cannabis companies.
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About LGC Capital

We grow and produce premium medical grade cannabis for a global market. Bringing science and nature together, we bottle hope providing a safe, effective treatment choice for consumers. We are also expanding our brand portfolios to realise the monumental growth opportunities in the vaping, food and beverage and pet care sectors.

We produce and develop a wide range of CBD cosmetics and natural wellness Swiss authorized CBD products. Combining antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis Sativa L with advanced cell regenerating formulas and the ultimate hydration from acid hyaluronic, delivers a whole new range of Swiss high tech anti-aging skincare solutions.

We are actively seeking to invest in unconditionaly legal medicinal companies. We have developed and are marketing hemp-based pharmaceutical products authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health and approved by EFSA. Product pipeline includes nutrition and topicals, innovations in the gynecological field and advanced developments stage in gastroenterology.

We are investing globally in facilities that allow for large scale cultivation, extraction and production of legal products within regulatory environments which allow such activity. Our goal is to have a global footprint wherever cannabis is or is congruous to legitimacy.


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