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Lenitiv Scientific (Lenitiv) is a provider of premium hemp and cannabis derived products, including it’s flagship line, Montel By Select. The company was founded in 2017 by media personality and wellness advocate Montel Williams, and is supported by an experienced, hands-on management team. Lenitiv is the culmination of Williams’ life’s work as a champion of the people – providing patients and adult users with safe, reliable access to the same high-quality CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) oils that he personally has relied upon for nearly two decades to improve his own quality of life. Our extraordinarily pure, potent and efficacious products are tested rigorously, crafted innovatively and formulated precisely in an industry-leading process. The Lenitiv brands transcend the realm of products and services – our purpose is to transform the world’s conceptions about wellness by empowering people each day to take control of their well- being through advocacy, education, empowerment and access.
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Lenitiv Scientific (Lenitiv) is a provider of premium hemp- and cannabis-derived products. Our cornerstone product line, Montel by Select, includes CBD and THC oils that have been crafted innovatively and formulated precisely. Specifically, our CBD products are created with proprietary terpene profiles using state-of-the-art technology. We derive Montel by Select oils from high-quality cannabis and hemp plants under the close watch of scientific authorities in GMP-fashioned laboratories, ensuring accurate potency, verifiable purity and incredible efficacy. All Montel by Select products are tested rigorously in a two-part process: first, when sourcing the raw flower material, and then again after the oil has been extracted. These tests validate that the products contain no solvents, pesticides or herbicides, as well as bacterial or microbial organisms which may negatively impact their safety – which is our highest priority.

We currently offer:
The Montel by Select line includes two hemp-derived CBD oil products, ALERT and RELAX, which are formulated exclusively with plant-based terpenes and are available in high-quality, bioavailable gel capsules:
ALERT: Montel by Select’s ALERT is a powerful and innovative product formulated with high-quality, pure CBD oil and plant-based terpenes known to positively impact anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, stress, alertness and memory retention.
RELAX: Montel by Select’s RELAX is a unique and revolutionary product formulated with the highest quality CBD oil and plant-based terpenes known to enhance mood, promote relaxation and restful sleep, quell anxiety, positively impact depression, improve insomnia, decrease inflammation and protect cells against free radicals.

The Montel by Select line includes five THC oil products, each featuring different THC:CBD ratios, that are formulated with 100-percent pure cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes, and are available in glass vials for dabbing and c-cell cartridges for vaping. Our THC product’s THC:CBD oil ratios range from: 10:90 (1:9), 30:70, 50/50 (1:1), 70:30 and 95:5 (9:1).
Lenitiv was created by a patient, Montel Williams, for patients, and serves as a beacon of transparency for those who are unsure of who to trust or where to turn for the highest-quality CBD and THC products. Our customers can rest assured that Montel will only put his name on wellness products that he personally has used to improve his own quality of life. Montel’s commitment to providing extremely safe, highly efficacious and premium-quality oils is evidenced by the extraordinary efforts to which he personally has gone to design, test and oversee the development of each of our products – pouring his passion for helping others live well into every drop of oil produced.


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