Legalize It? We Think So

Legalize It? We Think So

LIWTS wants to be part of a world where everyone has access to cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.
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About Legalize It? We Think So

Legalize It. We Think So. (LIWTS) believes in the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use across the world. We promote the cause by providing the latest research, news, events and products to enable those who use LIWTS to make informed decisions about cannabis and its related products. Our content will be made as widely accessible as possible through the use of viral social media campaigns, creating partnerships with other legalization groups and attending legalization events.

At the core of everything we do is the Legalize It. We Think So. community. We want those who use our site and its attached social media pages to share our content, share the latest news and breakthroughs with us and its users and provide reviews of cannabis products.

The Site
Legalize It. We Think So. is the place to find out the latest in legalization news, share your thoughts on the forum, relax whilst enjoying some time with Mary Jane and find events around the world. will host content written and produced by team Legalize It, guest bloggers and our campaign partners. All our content will fit into one of the following three areas:

To Inform
We will inform through the delivery of factual content on the latest uses of cannabis and its associated forms for recreational and medicinal purposes. We will help you keep abreast of the latest cannabis products with reviews by the LIWTS team and its guest bloggers. We will be the first port of call to find out where your local and national legalization events are being held and provide an overview of the laws in indvidual countries and states.

To Entertain
We think its important that it is fun to use the site whilst still containing a serious messagge. We will entertain by hosting interesting articles, cannabis recipes, music, pictures and other media to be used whilst taking your medicine or just winding down with an evening dab.

To Campaign
We will host an up to date events calendar of pro cannabis events across the world, host a forum where you can debate and share what's happening where you live and offer free advertising/ promotion to pro cannabis organisations who are fighting for our shared cause which is WORLDWIDE legalization of cannabis and it's associated forms for both Medicinal and Recreational use for those over the age of 18.