LeafedIn.org is a real-time map based person to person network that helps individuals in the marijuana community anonymously connect to other individuals located in their area using the internet. Users choose their role as vendors, buyers, workers or employers and create a user profile which is then shown on a map allowing other users to easily survey the cannabis related goods and services available in their area. Visit www.LeafedIn.org to use this marijuana web app!
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About LeafedIn

Leafedin, Known Also As Leafedin.Org , Is An Innovative Tech Startup In The Marijuana Industry That Is Changing The Way That The Entire Cannabis Industry And Community Network By Being The First Company And Application To Create A Network Focused On Connecting People To People , Basically Allowing Any Participant Involved In Any Way Within The Marijuana Industry To Have A Medium To Network, Through The Leafedin, Also Known As Leafedin.Org, Application.

Leafedin Is An Anonymous Map Based Weed App Accessible On Any Device, Desktop Or Mobile, By Going To Www.Leafedin.Org, And Thousands Of Users Have Already Been Able To Network And Satisfy Any Of Their Marijuana Product Or Labor Needs Through Our Application. Anything From Getting A New Source Or Vendor For The Marijuana Product A Buyer Wants, To Finding Trimmers And Other Workers At A Small Family Run Pot Farm, To Finding Employment At Any Level In The MJ Industry As A Worker.


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